It has been a long time between posts and I have been extremely busy!

I have been lucky enough to gain an ‘on going’ position at the school I am working at and things seem to be going well. I am still loving teaching, the paperwork side of the job is another story!

I have recently begun, again, to look into gamification and am hoping to give it a go in some form next year with one of my classes.

Evernote I still use personally, but hasn’t seemed to work out with my students. We trialled it with varying degrees of success due to different reasons.

I am currently in the process of giving students their own blog through edublogs, for use as a digital portfolio/reflection journal. Students have had experience using a class blog and the idea of having their own space seems to really excite most of them.

Nice to come back and read some of my old posts to see how some of my thinking has changed and to come back to some of the ideas I had.

Will post again soon!