Evernote has been an outstanding tool in our class room this year.

We have moved to a 1:1 ipad program which has presented many challenges, one of which was how to record students work and how would they be able to publish work.

Enter Evernote! I have been a long time user of Evernote on both desktop and iPhone to take notes, as a to do list and to save my ideas. It took me sometime to realise its potential in an education setting, but I’m glad I did. 

Each student has the Evernote app on their iPad and have also installed the program on all the school desktops. Students not only use Evernote as a word processor on the iPad but also as a portfolio and reflection tool. In my Math sessions for example, no matter the topic at the end of the session I get the student to take a photo of what they have been doing in the session with a short reflection. As I refine the use of it, learn more about it and the students get even more familiar with it I see it making assessment much easier as everything I need is recorded. Evernote also has a share function that enables me to see the students notebooks from my desktop. If the students need to print something, they simply log on to one of the desktops and print their note from there.

I am a massive fan of this amazing program and look forward to doing more with it in the future.

Please feel free to share how you use it and your experiences with Evernote