Yes the title is a pathetic attempt at a play on words for the rapidly growing site ‘Pinterest’.

I can’t remember exactly how I came to know the website, but after a brief ‘boy look’ I passed it off as a place for women to show their friends the pair of shoes they just have to have, the wedding dress of their dreams or an amazing card making design. After this initial look around I didn’t come back for a few months, until I saw a blog post on its uses for education.

I am in the infancy of giving it a go and I have to say, I love it so far! I’m very excited about using it in the future for a range of things.


Basically the site acts as a vitual pin board for the things you’re interested in, in my case education.
At the moment I have an account named after my classroom and have 5 separate ‘boards’ dedicated to our different subject areas including Reading, Writing, Maths, Integrated and a general Senior School board.
Our Integrated topic for the term is ‘Antarctica’ on the respective board I have ‘pinned’ websites, Youtube videos, pictures, quizes, etc all in one colourful, interactive space.

I have set up the ‘Maths Board’ to have examples, websites and Youtube videos of everything I have covered so far this year. I see this as a space for my students to go for revision or for example I set a follow up homework task on division, on the ‘Maths Board’ I’m able to pin a Youtube video going through a problem step by step, that the students can access from home.
I’m visioning using the general board as a place I might be able to showcase students work, pinning pictures or videos of outstanding work and achievement.

I think it could also provide a nice window into the classroom for parents and at the same time providing an audience for students.

It’s extremely easy to use and navigate. I highly recommend giving it a go, give it a couple hours of your time and you’ll pinning all kinds of things.

In the mean time check out what I’ve put together so far:

Happy pinning!