I’m sitting back on a Friday night having just finished week 3 of term 2 and thought it time to put a few reflections down.

Teaching has been everything I hoped and much, much more! There have been things I was worried about going into the job that have turned out to be easy and enjoyable. There have been things I had not even thought of that have been challenging and difficult. Apparently the best fun is not too far around the corner……..reports!!!

This may sound strange being only a term and a bit into the year and a teaching career, but I’ve already found myself thinking what I can do differently next year. Much more planning to be done next time. So many things you don’t think of! So many things I need to find spots, boxes, folders, plastic pockets, etc for!

Already thinking what can I do better… Am I covering literacy effectively? Are rotations the best way, what about readers workshop or the Daily 5? What games and activities can I come up with to continue to engage with numeracy? How can I continue to integrate technology throughout the curriculum?…..the list goes on!

In search of improvement when better to start…..will be trying something new first thing Monday morning! Not afraid to fail a few times if ultimately it makes me a better teacher.

I’m not afraid of storms