As I am on the verge of being a ‘Graduate Teacher’ I think it is important I know what I’m about, what I believe, what I want to achieve and what I stand for in terms of education. Not only should I know this myself but its important others know as well, such as fellow teachers, students, principles, parents and others involved or affected by my teaching. As I believe in being flexible, adaptable and a life long learner I fully expect my ‘Teaching and Learning Philosophy’ to change as I gain experience, learn new things and develop my teaching skills.

My Teaching and Learning Philosophy

As a teacher I believe I’m in the privileged position to be able to guide and influence students towards a successful future. I believe teaching in the primary years lays the foundation for future learning and ultimately for a chosen career. As a teacher I am aware I’m tasked with helping mould successful and effective future citizens.

Over the course of the last five years I have come to build an understanding of what a good teacher is. Good teachers are role models, flexible, approachable, respectful & respected, personable, knowledgeable, influential, caring, able to form relationships, passionate and finally committed to students, school and the community.

I believe as a teacher it is my responsibility to facilitate student learning in an engaging and relevant manner. In the modern world I believe it is my responsibility to educate for the future. The world my students are going to be starting careers, voting, communicating, creating & consuming media in is going to be very different to the present. Because of this I view it as my role to ‘future proof’ my students, equipping them with the tools to become independent learners, critical thinkers and problem solvers.

To do this I aim to accommodate for multiple learning styles, set up learning environments to foster these learning styles and encourage discussion, risk-taking and critical thinking. I will aim to deliver content that connects with student life worlds, striving to remain relevant and engaging.

Finally I believe society is fluid and ever changing, continually presenting new things to think about, interact with, use, manipulate, understand, play with, create and interpret. I commit to being flexible enough to remain a lifelong learner, to be open and prepared to enjoy and explore with students whatever society and future may present next.

What is your ‘Teaching and Learning Philosophy’?