Over my time at university as a student teacher I have gained an appreciation of Gardner’s work on Multiple Intelligences.

*Picture made using spiderscribe.net

It has helped me understand that the students I teach although come together as a class, are individuals with individual learning styles. In understanding this, I use Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences to help differentiate my teaching.
When planning activities my aim is to accommodate for the varying learning styles present in a classroom. It’s difficult to account for everyone in a single lesson but I think it’s important to reach out and cater to the different learning styles when and where possible.
It can be easy to fall into the trap of planning for one style because it’s most comfortable and easy to teach. Singing, dancing and illustrating may not be my strengths, but they may be the students’ strengths.
I use Gardner’s theory and the picture I created to remind me that not all students are the same and to ‘mix it up’.
The students will appreciate it.

How has Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences influenced your teaching?