I loved both my primary and secondary schools and remember my time at both so fondly, so much so that if I had it my way I would never have left!

I also remember some of the amazing people that taught me and inspired me. It’s my hope that with a lot of hard work and effort I can be the same to today’s primary students as they were for me.

I went to a small primary school in Cranbourne, Melbourne. There I met some lifelong friends that I still see weekly. I also had some incredible teachers. One in particular I have used as an example time and time again as a teacher I remember fondly, Mr Cerdor.

He taught me in grade 4 and again in grade 6. He had a reputation as being quite strict and the kind of teacher if you didn’t know him, as a student made you a little anxious after finding out you were to be in his class the following year.

He turned out to be at times as scary as I thought he would be as a 9 year old but he also turned out to be probably the most important person in my nearly 20 years of formal education.

It was Mr Cerdor who:

  • Picked up I was having a difficult time with spelling.
  • Spent his lunch times helping me with my spelling.
  • Spoke to my parents and helped them help me.
  • Provided an element of competition that I thrived on. When he started playing times table and geography competitions in the classroom, I found myself looking through atlases  & reciting times tables for hours outside of school, all to try and get my name on the board as current champion in one of the competitions for a few days.
  • Took an interest in what I was interested in outside of school
  • I didn’t want to disappoint
  • I respected

I remember him and his classes so clearly. Even though he was strict, he was fair and I enjoyed being in his class.

I hope to emulate some of the wonderful things I remember about his teaching and try and do them half as well as he did and still does.

He is one of a hand full of teachers that inspire me to this day to teach and for that I am thankful.

I’m sure others have had a teacher similar to Mr Cerdor, please feel free to share what you remember of them and what made them so great!